Wednesday, April 20, 2011

nail file

Sure, my basket of nailpolishes might be seriously overflowing - but I'd make space for these. Sweet Peacock is my absolute favourite, but I'm also loving on Sea Girl and Lucky Duck {oh, and Fowl Play - which really only leaves the coral and the beige - which are also kinda fabulous...} I think I deserve these.


  1. lovely! Ahhh, we are forever painting nails in our little home!

    I have a soft spot for lucky duck...x

  2. I think this may be a bit of an oversharing thing but, I still have the same toenail polish on that I wore to a wedding in December! I have heaps of other shades - must do something about that!

  3. I am forever obsessed with nail polish. It is my cheap monthly beauty splurge I allow right now. Meaning that I get a new one or two, depending on the budget, every month. Thats not an addiction, right? I have to be careful with the beiges and geiges right now. Even though I've got fairly warm/neutral coloring for being a pale one, a LOT don't work with me. Le sigh. I just got Orly Gumdrop- a tiffany-esque blue!

  4. When walking through Sydney airport there is a Chemist who stocks them and there are delicious colours of all shades and I was in love so many of them.

  5. 1000 homes, there will be nail painting in this neck of the woods this weekend too - might even try 'easter egg' fingernails if I'm game.

    MM you crack me up! - has it worn down to a sliver yet? Still, better than nude toenals...

    Sara Rose - totally not an addiction - it's a sanity-saver x

    Kakka, they're just soul-lifting aren't they?


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