Saturday, April 30, 2011

oh bless

I make no secret of my love of the Beckhams. I love Posh, and after reading her biography fell for her even more. Combine that with her mini-documentary and cute comments on Twitter and I kid you not I will not hear a bad word against her. Love.

Love this look, that beautiful deep navy frock. And bless her socks will you look at those heels!

And Becks. Whew baby - that is one man who can carry off any look to perfection.


  1. I loved her outfit too- so chic, and don't get me started on Him- So Handsome, So Attractive!

    I'm sad the Wedding is Over.

  2. I love her too, she's so self-deprecating and funny. I think she looked amazing.

  3. I was looking at Becks last night and you know what I really love about him (besides his looks)? He always looks like he's really happy and enjoying himself. He seems to be a guy who's worked really hard to get where he is, realises how blessed he is and soaks up every moment.

  4. Beyond the bride & groom - the Beckhams definitely were THE most uber-cool couple in the Abbey [well that I saw anyway].

    Posh's shoes are fierce and I wonder if she's wearing her own label?

    x F

  5. Oh I'm with you there sunshine. Becks is HOT-TO-TROT!!!!! I just wish Posh would smile....

  6. She looks amazing - pregnant and in those heels! Impressive :) He is dapper and, as long as he doesn't speak, quite the man x

  7. I love them both. Individually and a couple.

    He looked SO hot last night, swoon!

  8. FF - me too - fabulous all round.

    Jacki, that's just why I love her too.

    Corinne, you've hit it - he does just seem really damned happy {and really damned gorgeous!}

    Felicity - those Louboutins make my heart sing. And apparently her frock was a VB creation - love her work!

    Tai Tai, I know, but she hates her smile which is odd - I think it's fabulous!

    MM, the years of voice training have actually made a huge improvement on his voice. But I'd forgive him any voice...

    GMH - swooning right along with you lovely!

  9. Well, there is nothing more attractive than a man in hat and tails. Mind you, those uniforms are looking quite dapper on the ginger prince ;)

    I'm with MM, keep Beckham quiet. There, much better.


  10. agreed - but how bout Tara whoever in the blue all over outfit with matching va va hat !! heavens !! le xox


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