Thursday, April 14, 2011

a right royal wedding party

The only thing that gets me more excited than a party - is a theme party. Seriously, I LOVE THEM. So, imagine, if you will, the level of my excitedness when I received an invitation to a Royal Freakin' Wedding Party {um, the actual invitation may have left out the 'freakin' part}

So yes, there will be Pin The Ring on the Bride {not, the groom!}, and champagne glasses will be decorated with wee lil Kate and Wills teabag toppers, and yes, I make take along some treats inspired by the Hilton Park Lane Podium Restaurant Royal Wedding Sapphire Tea. How could you not?

Now, as you all know, I do like to match my nails to my drinks - or, more accurately, I like to contrast my nails with my drinks. Should I be drinking rosé then chances are that I'll be sporting pink nails. With champagne I like a rich Chanel red. Well, hello Kate and Wills nail decals - you are somewhat hilarious.

Dare I?


  1. YAAAAAAAAY! I'M having a royal party here too! Thanks for all these ideas x

  2. Those tea bags are just so funny! They are worth a party all on their own!! x

  3. Love it. I am hosting a wedding party where everyone has to wear their wedding dresses. Hmmm the royals bring out the silliness in all of us dont they.

  4. I got serious giggles from this.


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