Friday, April 29, 2011

{royal wedding-esque} flowers for friday

I hope Kate's carrying something fabulous like this down the aisle today! Hands up who's watching the Royal Wedding tonight? Hands up who's going to a party and frocking up to watch? Have fun, I'll raise a glass of my Royal Sapphire Martini {recipe a few posts below in case you missed it} to you all.


  1. I will definately be watching! Can't wait! Enjoy your martinis xx

  2. Of course I'll be watching. I have even banished LOML from the house so I don't have to put up with all his scoffing and 'helpful commentary'.

    Hydrangeas are one of my all-time faves and they would make the perfect bouquet. Something tells me that Kate's $80million is going towards something a litle more fussy, though!!

  3. I will so be watching. I was the same age Lil-lil is when Chuck and Di got hitched and I remember being mesmerised by their wedding. I hope Lil-lil has the same memories. Thankfully Skip will be out, so we wont be fighting over the remote.

  4. I too shall watch. But wish I'd thought of banning the dear one like Maxabella. The scoffing will be loud and probably annoying!!

  5. Watching indeed... bubbles in hand... gxo

  6. Simone, the martinis went down a TREAT!

    Maxabella the only way to do it is without husbands watching. Can you believe that mine asked "Who's getting married?" with a completely straight face. It's obviously a girl thing.

    Corinne, please tell me you frocked up in your special pink dressing gown for the event!

    Caz, hope hubby kept the scoffing to a minimum!

    Georgie, gotta love bubbles and a wedding - the perfect match!

  7. Not only did I watch it. I wore my wedding dress to a friend's place. All the girls wore old bridesmaid's dresses or fancy headgear. We ate english wedding fare (yorkshire puddings, scones and cream, champaigne). It was a buzz! I discovered when I got home that my husband actually watched the wedding all by himself. I almost felt bad... xx

  8. Hydrangeas are my all time favourite. :)


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