Saturday, April 02, 2011

sweet, sweet saturday

I'm sorry, did I nearly deafen you with my sigh of relief that it's the weekend? Sorry about that. Ahhhhh, but it's the weekend. Today is the first day of the netball season, and luckily my girls play at the very respectable time of 10.45am - that makes me happy. So we've got a bit of time to potter around before leaving today.

Only a few things on the planner today. My gal and her bestie need to have a shopping trip to buy Easter bonnet materials to make bonnets for their kinder buddies next week. So we're off to Spotlight and the $2 for lots of sequins, sparkles and feather boas. I think I'll show her Mrs Woog's efforts with Jack's hat - now that was an easter hat {I do so covet a hat complete with miniature disco ball - genius}.

Then there's the usual stuff: housework, gardening, a bit of work...



  1. You have totally just reminded me I have to make an Easter hat with the 4yo!

    We had our first soccer match today and it was also a later start at 10.30am, AND we went to Spotlight as well!


    Have a great weekend, hon. xx

  2. I would for sure like to be pottering about that lovely garden today! Instead I was here and there with the Tsunamis, gathering winter fuel. x


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