Sunday, April 10, 2011

sweet, sweet sunday

Oh wow, it's one of those spectacular autumn days here today. Crisp morning, blue sky and a bit of heat in the afternoon. Parfait. I survived yesterday with my gal's solo trip with friends to the movies. She enjoyed it, although she had a 3D headache - seriously, what IS it with the fact that every damned kids' movie has to be in 3D - deserved or not. I can't bear it, they always give me a headache, and I hate sitting there with those glasses on waiting for one dodgy thing to come out the screen at me. Big whoop. {sorry, had an accidental rant there...}

Anyway, today we're off to the Farmer's Markets. My favourite baker in Newcastle, Alice from Baked Uprising, has a stall so I shall be stocking up. Yum. I also need gozleme for lunch - and some farm fresh fruit and veg.

Late yesterday afternoon I took off on a solo bike ride. It was nothing like my husband's lycra-clad 70km extravaganzas, nope, it was slow, meandering and just glorious. This afternoon I'll be taking the gal for a pedal around the streets of our suburb - and a few neighbouring ones. Only the tree-lined and gorgeous ones of course.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. xx

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  1. sounds like a wonderful weekend. Glad you survived your daughter's first group girls night out! I think about what I put my parents through and I am very afraid of karma...


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