Monday, April 18, 2011

take my breath away

Guys, seriously, I'm going to need to be hooked up to an oxygen tank soon - there are only so many breathtaking moments a gal can take...

I just love how these Valentino beauties look like you've stepped into a bridal bouquet - honestly, what are shoes for if not to be utterly fabulous? {What's that? Protection from the elements, warmth, decorum? Pshaw.}

I'm going to take this image and hold it to my heart all day - oh hell, all week. I need me some pretty.


  1. They're fabulous, aren't they? What I wouldn't do....

  2. I wanna get married again just so I can wear those shoes!!! xx

  3. Gorgeous. Took my breath away also.
    Can't wait to be rid of these cankles so I can wear pretty shoes again!

  4. Melissa, utterly fabulous. That is all.

    Maxabella, they're vow-renewal shoes if ever I saw them!

    Romina, I'm pretty sure that all those feathers and bits of frippery would disguise any cankle!

    Bush Belles I just can't - it hurts too much when I realise I'm only dreaming!

  5. I may need these for the July vow renewal as well. Or very good knock offs.


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