Tuesday, April 12, 2011

vive la france

Tonight's the end of the first term of my second year of French lessons. I'd love to say that I'm becoming more fluent in French, but, seriously, it's a damned difficult language to learn. And my brain is ridiculously resistant to learning new stuff.

But as tonight's the final night of the term we always have a wee party - with food, and champagne. Fingers crossed that the bubbles will loosen my tongue and help engage my brain!


  1. ooohh, sounds like a wonderful way to spend the evening

    i'm sure a glass or two of bubbles will loosen your tongue

    i need to learn some new things too, i'm thinking of guitar lessons but don't tell anyone, its a massive secret (just in case I am terrible!)

    Gill xo

  2. Ooh that sounds fun!

    Lil told me this morning that 'talking French' is asking a question and then singing a little bit. Apparently her French preschool teacher told her this.

  3. Ah, Bonjour!

    Hubby speaks really good French. He even did a business french speaking course thingy. When we travelled thru France, he was tres handy.

    I tried one term and I was TERRIBLE. Just terrible. You're right...it's difficult!

    But persist. You'll get there. You've come this far, right?

    Au revoir, ma cherie...



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