Friday, April 29, 2011

wedding fever

Now, of course my eyes will be keenly focussed on Kate - mainly to check out her frock {which, so far, on Twitter, has been confirmed as being made by one of six designers - fingers crossed its McQueen...}. But I'm sure I won't be alone in having one eye turned toward this one as he frocks up in a tux. Two of my fave gossip bloggers {Lainey and Michael K over at Dlisted} have the cutest and most apt names for my fave Prince - hot Prince Ginge or Hot Harry on a Horse.

Bring it.


  1. Guys! How can nobody else have commented on the hotness that is Harry?

  2. Um, I will. But seeing that I remember him being born, I feel a little um, cougarish mentioning it. But seeing him all long legged and all in that uniform, I have to say I was a little impressed. If you know what I mean ;) xx


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