Wednesday, April 06, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

It's that time again, that time when I plot out all my meals, hopefully to follow them for the next week. Last week I finally managed to cook up something that's been sitting in my mind, and unmade in my meal plans for weeks: prawn and chorizo risotto. Perfection. I made a simple risotto base {garlic, white wine, arborio rice and lotsa chicken stock} and then fried up slices of chorizo. Then, in the same pan, I cooked up 250g raw prawns till they were pink and plump. These were tossed through the risotto before serving. Now, for the genius bit. I said to my gal, who was helping cook, "Should we add parmesan?" and mini masterchef said, "No, you can't have parmesan with seafood..." so instead, she made a gremolata - lemon zest, parsley and garlic all mushed together and sprinkled over the bowls of risotto. Heaven.

This week this is what we're eating:
Wednesday: Steak, pumpkin mash and broccoli with almonds and anchovies.
Thursday: Chicken sausages, wilted garlic spinach, sweet potato chips and mashed potato.
Friday: Glazed salmon, potato rosti and asian greens.
Saturday: Pork and noodle stirfry.
Sunday: Standing rib roast and vegies.
Monday: Chicken pot pies, mash and peas.
Tuesday: Beef and barley soup.

Sounds okay by me...


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. We shall be having chorizo & prawn risotto tonight. Thank you!

  3. brocolli with almonds and anchovies? I like the sound of that.


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