Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

School holidays huh. Yep, again. Only consolation is that there's no rushing around to after-school activities to take into consideration when plotting the meals. So here's what we'll be noshing on this week:
Wednesday: chicken and lemon risotto. I'm going to poach some chicken breasts in herb-laden chicken stock and cut them into chunks. Then I'll use that stock to cook the risotto. I'll stir in the chunks of cooked chicken at the end, make a paste with an egg yolk, parmesan and lemon, and stir that in before serving. Hello.
Thursday: We're having friends over for 'duck night'. Duck confit, and I'm going to make a caramelised pear, potato and crispy pancetta to serve it with. I'll also do peas and lettuce cooked in chicken stock. Yum.
Friday: It's my father-in-law's birthday so we're headed up to Maitland to help celebrate.
Saturday: we're sleeping over at my in-laws then heading off to Hunter Valley Gardens to check out their easter options. Bless. We'll be home late so I'll just have a couple of steaks in the fridge and buy a baguette on the way home and serve up steak sandwiches.
Sunday: I haven't done a lamb roast for yonks. Best. Shall do my seven hour lamb - on the bed of lentils, with roasted carrots - purple and orange {my coles has the purple carrots - they are awesome. My gal took some to school in sticks for fruit break - big success!}
Monday: Orichette with broccoli, anchovies and crispy pancetta. Mmmmm.
Tuesday: No french lessons during holidays so I'll finally be able to watch Survivor live rather than sitting up till 1am watching the replay on Saturday nights {our DVD doesn't record HD programmes - that sucks}. I'll do a fish dish, with rice, and lotsa greens.

And that'll do.


  1. Wednesday again! Wowsers!

    I'm so coming to one of your duck nights one day. Me and duck are meant to be together.

  2. Will you marry me?
    We can make beautiful music together. You cook, I'll eat...I'll even do the dishes.
    Reading this, you make me realise just what a dud of a wife my husband got stuck with.
    At my house it's "make your own pizza" night, every night of the week haha!!

  3. Sounds wonderful, hopefully there will be a few Hunter Valley Wines as an accompaniment for the Sunday, Monday & Tuesday meals. A mouthwatering week ahead.


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