Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

Do you have any idea how much I need a pale green, retro Smeg Fridge? A. Lot. Crazy beautiful. But I don't. I have a rather ordinary Fisher&Paykel, which does the job - just not very attractively. Sigh. But I have planned the next week's meals. That's good.
Wednesday: I have a hankering so deep, so wide and so strong for lamb shanks - so I'm going to make them.*
Thursday: I'm making pea and ham soup. I have yellow split peas and bacon bones. All I need now is the world's most amazing sourdough. Luckily I live not a five minute drive from Sourdough Baker in Newcastle. Mmmmm.
Friday: well, c'mon, it's got to be fish. I have bought the world's most enormous tin of tuna and shall be making spicy thai fish cakes. With some noodles strewn with vegies. And sweet chilli sauce. Oh yeah.
Saturday: Nigella makes this amazing lamb casserole with green beens. That's what I'll be making too - just need to find the recipe.
Sunday: Okay, today's the day we're going on an egg hunt at the Hunter Valley Gardens. I really should organise something for the slow cooker. Minestrone?
Monday: I didn't make the orichette with broccoli and anchovies last week - that's a crime. So I'd best make it tonight. And grate some lemon zest over it as penance.
Tuesday: Best give my husband a simple steak and vegie night. As you can see, I like my fancy schmancy and so does he, but he does crave a bit of simple. Best offer it up.

*Okay, the slow roasted lamb shanks with lentils recipe was so good, it deserves writing down. Coat frenched lamb shanks in a liberal dose of seasoned flour {plenty of salt and pepper}. Then, in a heavy bottom pan, brown them in a little olive oil. Really brown them. Next, add one litre of beef stock, 1 cup of red wine, one whole anchovy {trust: it'll melt}, two cloves of crushed garlic and three bay leaves. Add one cup of french lentils du puy. Add loads of freshly ground pepper. Stir and then bring to the boil. Cover tightly {I cooked this in my le crueset french oven} and pop in a low oven {140 celcius} for at least 3 hours. Serve with creamy french mash and green beans. So good. My husband said it's as good as duck confit and in my house there is no higher praise.


  1. See in the background there? THAT'S MY FANTASY FRIDGE!

  2. Mine too - and one day, oh one day, it will come live in my kitchen...


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