Saturday, May 21, 2011

ah sweet, sweet saturday

So, we're all still here... and how glad I am. It's an utterly glorious day today - superb. We've been at the netball courts since 9am as two of my girls were umpiring, and did a sterling job in-spite of the usual problems. Sigh. I consider sport of some description an important part of childhood for most children. It's where you can learn teamwork, increase self-esteem, build friendships and increase confidence. If it's handled correctly.

I want my team to play their best every game. To improve every time they take the court. To be the best team player they can be. And they are. I expect it, so they expect it. Each week we'll build on their skills and you can see their pride when something they've learned and practiced is put into action.

If only all parents and coaches would do the same. The coach of one of the teams we umpired this morning was enthusiastic, loud, and unfortunately, spent a lot of time calling out loudly. Not encouragement, more "Laura - move it!" And "No, not like that..." Sigh. He also moaned and groaned loudly whenever one of the umpires would pull up his players - or missed something the other players did. Now mind, these aren't professional umpires, just 11-year-old girls umpiring for the first time. They need encouragement and support - and it should never be expected that they're going to pick up everything - even the most experienced umpires will miss or make a wrong call.

Luckily a gentle word in his ear during quarter time quietened him down, but gee, wouldn't it be nice if people stopped and thought? I've always taught my teams to always respect the umpire's decision, and that it's final. If you don't agree, then maybe you need to get off the court...

Now this was mild and my girls were strong enough to cope with it - and they had myself and my co-coach by their side for support. Hopefully these younger girls will have similar support when it's their turn to umpire in two-years-time.

In better news, my team played the team who flogged us in the first game - and we scored more goals this time AND the other team scored less. Our aim was achieved and my girls played with excitement, energy, improving skills and smiles on their faces. That's why I coach. Love my team...


  1. Wow, I can't believe people behave that way around children. I guess that in itself is a lesson for them, but honestly, sometimes adults just need to pull their heads in and keep it in perspective! Glad your team has a positive coach!

  2. You're such a cool coach. I can't stand some of the attitudes of coaches we meet on the sporting field. Seriously, this is not the Olympics, it's under 7 football!!

    Well done to 'your girls' (just the fact that you call them that shows what a great coach you are). x

  3. Thanks Jacki, and all these years later I'm still amazed at some parents - seriously people!

    Thanks Maxabella, totally agree. xx

  4. you are such a great mum :) I have seen and heard of such shameful parent/coach behaviour ... how can that be fun for the babes ... many hugs le xox


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