Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cinderella moment

Do you think that Cinderella was secretly rather pleased to leave that glass slipper behind? Must have been even more uncomfortable than my sky-high mary janes I wore on Monday night...

Sorry for the lack of posts. Seriously, they will pick up. Soon.

In good news, my stepfather's doubled the size of my butler's pantry {woo hoo}. Bad news - oh the plaster dust... Even my charcoal study carpet is now a pale french grey...

Hope you're all having a fabulous week. xx


  1. uhm.. Cinderella is my favorite.. =) love the post.. totally agree.. if i were her i would have been. please read my posts.. & comment. =) i would really like some ones criticism.. =)

  2. I'm with xxuniiqu3 cinderella is my favourite too ♥

  3. oh yes i am sure she was secretly pleased too. we had our own cinderella moment last week, but not quite as glamorous - i forgot to put a second shoe on my child before he went off to a party...Oh dear!

    You have a lovely week too

  4. Oh plaster dust, horrible stuff takes weeks to get it all. Yay for the pantry extension! Just for the record, I think Cinderella did it on purpose ;)


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