Thursday, May 19, 2011

the great gatsby

In news that makes my day, Joel Edgerton, fresh from his awesome turn as Kerry Packer - is set to play Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby.

Oh yeah, I can see that...


  1. Just saw this pic whilst visiting Janes blog and knew I had found a kindered spriti. I agree with you Completely!!!

  2. wow, he looks quite different, doesn't he? very distinguished though

    The Great Gatsby, now there is a classic

    Gill xo

  3. ooohhhh bizzare! Great Gatsby is on my side table to be started tonight! Now there will be a movie - interesting xx

  4. Ooh, brilliant bit of casting. That haircut was so needed!! x

  5. Thanks gals! Apparently Ben Affleck was cast, but pulled out - thank goodness. While I've always found Tom a bit insipid and wooden, I think Joel's got the edge to really make the character.

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  7. oopsie...

    oooohhhh, Tom many wonderful memories of the novel and my fabulous Literature teacher. I had an obsession with Daisy. I wonder who will play her? xox

    and Joel...yummy!

  8. Kellie it's Carey Mulligan as Daisy - perfection. And Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. Can't wait!

    Thank Goodness Baz didn't cast Nicole IceFace Kidman!!!

  9. Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Carey Mulligan have all been cast. I'd really like to see Maggie Gyllenhaal cast too- I can see her in it REALLY clearly.

    Can you tell I'm a Gatsby fanatic? LOL.


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