Monday, May 16, 2011

holiday wardrobe

Finding the right travel wardrobe really is a matter of trial and error. I'm not a gal who can throw a sparkly sarong over a one piece swimsuit and slip into a pair of heels and take that out to dinner. So imagine how I felt before our last holiday when I found the PERFECT travelling frock. Honestly, in nearly every photo of me, there I was, in that frock. See, I took some hangers with me and every night I'd wash the dress, hang it on the hanger and it was ready to go.

Of course, after a few years heavy wear and tear it fell to pieces. Which made me fall to pieces. Every time I walked past a Tree of Life store I'd search in vain for this Peace Angel magical frock. Alas, with no success. I thought I found it once, but it was merely a poor, ill-fitting imitation of its successor.

So with our holiday approaching, and my seamstress-talented mother visiting I took advantage - and see what I have. Not one, but TWO of the magic frocks. Time consuming and horrendously difficult to make, but oh so magical. The green frock is more of a daywear number, but with the right accessories the floral number will take me almost anywhere in Paris, Provence or London.

Thank you mummy xxx


  1. LOVE em! What a great idea...getting excited for you now!

  2. Does your mum take orders?
    I get so sad when the perfect wardrobe item is worn till it falls apart, and invariably you can't find a perfect replacement. I have taken to buying 2 or 3 of something I know fits & looks good...that way they don't wear out half so fast...
    Can picture both of those in Paris...beautiful!

  3. They look gorgeous! Perfect outfits for the perfect holiday coming up! xx

  4. Clever Mumma. They really are the perfect travelling dress... probably the perfect anywhere dress!!

    And, seriously, NOBODY can work a sarong and heels for dinner. I don't care what those silly mags say!! x

  5. What beautiful dresses! If you start making them to sell, please let me know! I love the colour combinations:)

  6. They are gorgeous! Love, love, love the cut and the colours. What a talented mum you have!

  7. So pretty! Did your Mum use a pattern?

  8. Oh, I have the same dress, albeit a little threadbare. I need to have it reproduced also! Great idea.


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