Friday, May 06, 2011

laser tag? why don't mind if i do...

Nothing makes me happier than being able to say, "Hell YEAH" to something new, something different, something unusual. So, imagine, just imagine my delight when a friend sent out the call that for her birthday today she wants to play laser tag! Squeeeeeeee!

Now, I haven't quite worked out yet exactly how I'm going to 'suit-up' - but we are having cocktails first so this should be rather interesting...

I do know that I'm totally channelling Barney Stinson. It'll be awe - wait for it - some!


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  2. Love, love Barney! Have fun... gxo

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  4. As Barney Stinson says, challenge accepted, lol. Next time trymilitary laser tag guns and tactical equipment in the park or forest. You should have a lot of local operators of such games in your area.


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