Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ou est mon parapluie?

Oh, it's bucketing down in this neck of the woods. It poured all night and we awoke to an overflowing pool and rain that wasn't keen to stop flowing. It's grey, it's dark - and oh, I need a pretty umbrella like this Lulu Guinness number - I do love a clear umbrella! It'd make the soggy school run a much more pleasant experience.


  1. I can see you skipping through the puddles doing your best Gene Kelly impersonation, bemused kids in tow = precious.

    x Felicity

  2. LOVE this umbrella.

    Some others...(Yes, I am lame enough to have my own umbrella category at Polyvore..)

    And my favourite..

  3. So pretty, we need the rain to go with it though. Had a lovely rainy day last Friday but no more in sight :(

  4. Love this umbrella, so pretty. It would certainly cheer up a rainy day!

  5. Whilst I love a parapluie, just so I can say it, (instead of umbrella) I'm more of a rain hat fan so I can squash it in my bag, and know it's always there! The wind doesn't blow it inside out either ...

  6. ohhh I love it too - it would look fab with that frock ! best le xox

  7. Absolutely Felicity - an umbrella like this deserves dancing!

    Melissa, I think it's AWESOME that you have an umbrella collection, even if it's on Polyvore and not so much in real life.

    wish I could send you some of our rain Vanessa x

    MIA, it most certainly would!

    Kristin, I'm coming in to check out those rain hats - saw the cute one on the model on Facebook today!

    Le, oh yes INDEED!


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