Sunday, May 22, 2011

red hot shoes

Oh red patent, you do set my heart a-flutter. I neglected to feature a shoe last week, mainly because nothing seemed to inspire me. But oh, I made up for it this week. Look at these Miu Miu lovelies. EVERYTHING I love, everything. The colour, the shape, the peep-toe, the bow - and oh, the patent.... J'adore...


  1. Stunning!! If only I had somewhere to wear shoes that gorgeous!!

  2. That's the perfect pair, right there. I love the straight heel and every other little detail. I would need a cane to walk in them, but no matter! x

  3. They are so gorgeous; you don't even need to wear them to enjoy them! I could buy them and just be happy to look at them forever (and save myself falling off them too! :P )


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