Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday suppers

Okay, new week, new plan. I'm now doing my meal-planning on a Sunday. And hey, see this pic? It's just a small peek at my new, utterly massive walk-in pantry. Oh, I do love it so. Room for everything - including a bit of a soft-shoe shuffle if I feel so inclined. It's around about the size of our first-ever kitchen, so I'm just reveling in the space. So much so it's got me all inspired. And here's what I'll be cooking:
Monday: my parents are leaving in the morning {insert sad face} so after a week's worth of vegetarian dinners, we'll be back to our usual. I'm going to make a chicken and chorizo risotto I think.
Tuesday: it's French lessons, so I'll be taking some panko-crumbed chicken schnitzel from the freezer, cooking it up and serving it with mash and wilted spinach and kale.
Wednesday: Netball training- and if the weather remains true it'll be frosty. Pea and ham soup in the slow cooker.
Thursday: Late night ballet for the gal. I think I'll do a pork dish in the le crueset: pork, potatoes and some pancetta {too much pork? Ain't no such thing}
Friday: Off to the French Film Festival with my gorgeous french study buddy Ms A. Wine and cheese are served before the film, so I think I'll whip up a quick steak and salad before the event.
Saturday: What's that? Another French film? Oui! Best make chicken provencale to get in the mood hadn't I?
Sunday: Back to the roast dinners. Lamb I think - it's been a while...

And that's it for me. If you'll excuse me I'm off to gaze adoringly around my pantry - and to contemplate buying a camera so I can take more than just an iPhone shot of it!


  1. Love Chorizio Risotto..make mine with baby peas....mmmm
    Rest of the menu looks good too!

  2. Love your pantry, PPMJ! That gorgeous kitchen cabinet is perfection!!! Your menus are so inspiring. You have one lucky little family, that's for sure. x

  3. I never thought I'd indulge in pantry envy...until now. The smallest kitchen in the southern hemisphere (mine) can't begin to compete with that. Oh I'm so jealous :)

  4. Oh wow...serious pantry envy here too, that is the most perfect space. Megan xx


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