Thursday, May 26, 2011

thank you for the music

After nearly 20 years of music, silverchair have announced they're on 'indefinite hiatus'...


  1. I must admit I am a little sad ... I have always had a bit of a thing for Daniel.

  2. Oh me too - I stood next to him the other day in the fruit shop and nearly had a heart attack! And every time I see him driving around (his parents live around the corner from me) I do a little internal squeal.

    So talented too x

  3. Amazingly talented and ahhhh, Daniel..have always had a little thing for him, so clever and beautiful.

    Squeal to your encounter!


  4. Squeel indeed!

    Have seen them in concert a few times. Amazing! Xx

  5. I love Silverchair. Some of their songs are my absolute favourites.

    I kinda thought they've been 'on hiatus' for some years now... so, um, not a great impact for me!! x


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