Wednesday, May 04, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

Sorry, late again. Frantically busy - sorry! Here's what we're eating this week.
Tonight: it's my darling husband's birthday (bless) so we're off to our favourite French spot - Bistro Tartine. Apparently cassoulet is on the menu - and oh, this is cassoulet weather!
Thursday: We're trialling a new home-delivery service and have ordered barramundi as part of the deal. Let's have that with roasted potatoes, green beans and perhaps some roasted carrots too.
Friday: It's a friend's birthday so we're off to play laser tag {ha!} then we're going back to their place for curries and champagne {champagne goes with everything...}
Saturday: my vegetarian parents will be here for a week. Tonight I'll make a roasted red capsicum and potato tortilla and a big green salad.
Sunday: We'll find something fabbo at the farmer's markets - and someone else will cook as it's mother's day!
Monday: orichette pasta with roasted broccoli, pinenut and blue cheese.
Tuesday: Whatever my step-father cooks - I have French lessons to attend {and it'll be eight weeks till we fly out - mon dieu!}



  1. That all sounds perfect.I love that kitchen! Where is it from? Megan

  2. Your menu's always sound fab! How exciting, your France trip is sooo close! xx


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