Sunday, July 24, 2011

abundance in provence

So much prettiness in Provence. Everywhere you look there's something else to delight your visual senses. I've been relatively restrained with my shopping - although open a bag, any bag, and you'll be assaulted with the sweet scent of lavender...

This busker got a lot of Euros from the kids. And he deserved it, playing with a cat draped over his shoulders. Bless.

I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with these massive sacs of herbs and spices. If it weren't our last day over in that side of provence I would have bought up big.

And oh, the deep purple provencal garlic. Love this stuff. I did bring a head over to this side of provence - and it came in very handy when cooking up some chicken on the bbq last night. We said farewell to our friends last night - and the boys came home in the RV after watching Cadel Evans take out the Tour de France. What an experience to actually be in the same country while this amazing sporting event took place - and as for my husband and his friends - to be within metres as an Aussie took the winner's jersey for the first time ever. They're still on a high. We might be paying off this holiday for some time, but oh, the memories are worth it.

We've now settled into our second house with our family: sister-in-law, brother-in-law and our two nieces. Our new house is gorgeous, with amazing gardens - pics to follow. We're having a lazy day today - after P and I dashed to the supermarché before the 12.30pm Sunday closing - nearly no dinner!

PS: I LOVE French Supermarkets. Wine for 3 to 5 euros - real champagne starting at 12 euros - and serious stuff like Veuve, Mumm, Pommery and Moet for the mid 20s... And I just discovered that the Aussie dollar is even stronger against the Euro than when we left. Best get spending...


  1. Oh my stars! What a divine holiday you are having, PPMJ. You lucky, lucky duck. I am relishing the vicarious thrill - keep it up, please! J x

  2. Your holiday is sounding so perfect. And yes, Cadel winning over the weekend must have been a huge bonus memory making event. Loving reading about your French adventures - wish I was there!!!! x


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