Friday, July 15, 2011

bastille day in paris: part one

We took the Metro from the Louvre station to the George V and arrived at 9.30am to stake out our spot. The crowds were still pretty thin at this stage: two deep at the barriers. We walked up to about two blocks from the Arc de Triomph and sat on a store's deep window sill {wide enough to stand on and watch too - only 30cm high}.

The tanks were lined up down the Champs Elysee and by the time the parade started at 10.30am the crowd had swelled dramatically.

The parade started with highly decorated horses marching. Gorgeous. Then jeeps - including one with the president. Then the planes!


Sorry, pics out of order here - this is on our way to lunch. A glimpse of the Tour Eiffel between gorgeous Parisian buildings.

Check out that crowd.

Lunch at Cafe Trocadero - great food - and a lovely catch-up with friends who are LIVING in Paris for three years. Yes, I may have cried green tears - especially when we saw their divine Parisian Apartment. Exactly what you'd expect - parquetry floors, high ceilings, french doors in EVERY room.

This is MY Parisian apartment. Just need someone to buy it for me...

Strolling home was topped off with a wild strawberry tart from Lenotre - such a pretty store. And oh, what a tasty morsel.

Home for a quick shower and a change before dinner at the Musee D'Orsay and the fireworks. Next blog!

We're leaving Paris this afternoon - SOB. Two weeks next time I swear! We're off to Lyon on the TGV tonight, picking up the Motorhome the boys are going to watch the Tour in. I have to drive it to Tourtour in Provence to our Villa. Wish me luck. The biggest thing I've ever driven is a Kombi.

A bientot.


  1. PPMJ I've been out of the blogosphere for a while. And here you are in Gay Paree! So totally thrilled for you. Profiter de la bonne vie! Don't sleep. xx

  2. I totally forgot you would be in Paris for Bastille Day. Wonderful! x

  3. Talk about crying green tears! I live in NorCal (Northern California) and I would love to live in Paris. And I did have some chocolates yesterday in honor of Quatorze Juillet!

  4. Oh that strawberry tart is divine, and the apartment, I wish someone would buy it for you so I could come and visit too!!

    Safe driving, after watching Le Tour again this year, some of those roads look scary, hopefully you won't have to negotiate them. xxx


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