Thursday, July 21, 2011

the beautiful town of tourtour

This is our local village - Tourtour. It's been named one of the most beautiful villages of France, and no wonder. Have a look and see why.

Tourtour's high on the hill, and that leads to some beautiful scenery. Boy, am I inspired when I get home to get into the garden, and do some work on the house.

I also need a Citroen 2CV as our second car - look at this ones cute little face! Bless.

Here's a view from the Marie {town hall} down to the markets we went to yesterday. We picked up some melon, sausages for dinner, breads, tapenade and my gal bought a cute lil dress.

Every window is perfectly styled for a photograph. I need window pots on every window - and boy, could my house use some more shutters. We have some on the french doors from the guest room, but I think I need more...

This is an artist's gallery - not wasting a space. Look at these shutters - parfait!

I squealed when I saw this little owl down an alleyway - how cute is he? And must look perfect at night lit up by that lamp. I'll let you know tonight, we're headed up to Tourtour to dinner tonight.

A shady spot under the oleander - how divine.

Yet another gorgeous window, with greenery and weather-worn shutters...


  1. Just SO beautiful. It looks so sunny and delightful! It is bloody horrendous at home at the moment. Rain, pissing down non stop rain since Tuesday morning. Enjoy my friend, enjoy x

  2. just so fab - and so frenchy - you have a lovely dinner and think of us house bound aussies living our french fancy thru you :) le xox

  3. Beautiful!!! You sound like you are in heaven!


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