Sunday, July 03, 2011

coulda, shoulda prada

Last night we went into the city and wandered from Victoria Street Station to Royal Albert Hall to see if Miss Jackson really was still nasty (she was more than a bit awesome actually - who knew?)

My sister-in-law is a Janet Jackson fan, and hubby and I were happy to go check her out at such a fabulous venue. She danced her lil heart out bless her - and, as it was the Number One's tour, we actually recognised a number of the songs. Boy she has some excitable fans though - the true definition of "FAN-atics".

We walked the two miles to the venue and on the way we passed many jaw-dropping windows including this one at Prada. These SHOES! Utter perfection non?

Off to Hever Castle today to soak up some history. Enjoy your day.


  1. beautiful, drool-worthy shoes!
    dying of jealousy over your travels and you're not even in france yet!
    hope you continue to have a fabulous time!!

  2. Awesome- I didn't know you were in London :)
    I LOOOOOVE Janet-- I am a Metal/rock girl at heart but have every JJ album-- I have always loved her :) Glad you had a great time and consider me jealous!

  3. You NEED shoes like that PPMJ. Do you have something similar already? If not, you need to find some OK? That is all.

    LOVING the updates x


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