Friday, July 01, 2011

flowers for friday

Glittery {real} roses spotted in Tesco! Showgirl Roses! Loving London already...

PS: Jetlag update = minimal jetlag - hurrah. I had a 90 min nap yesterday afternoon then went to bed at a very respectable 9.30pm and slept till 8.30am - hurrah hurrah! Gal stayed up till 9pm and woke at 8am Beautiful. I swear that sitting out in the beautiful sunshine yesterday and going for a walk helped. So off to the seaside we go.

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  1. Those roses are a little bit Essex and I LIKE it! Moreso I LOVE that you are blogging! From the other side of the world! Like it's business as usual! Thanks PPMJ x

  2. So glad to hear that the jetlag is minimal - yippee.

    Glorious roses, how do they make them glitter like that.

    Now go off and enjoy xxx


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