Wednesday, July 27, 2011

l'isle sur la sorgue

We've found a most magical place in Provence. Last night, for dinner, we checked out L'isle sur la Sorgue. Oh my. Gorgeous by day, at twilight it's sublime.

We found this menu - with three courses for 17 euros - no, not a misprint. We took a table by the canal and waited for our choices to arrive.

Goat cheese and fig paste wrapped in crispy pastry on a bed of salad with a balsamic and honey glaze. One of the best things I've ever eaten. Main was steak on a bed of fresh tagliatelle with a cream and peppercorn sauce. Delish - and gobbled up too quickly to photograph.

Chocolate fondant with crispy almonds and a salted caramel sauce - I know - STOP IT! And what if I said it tasted even better than it looked?

Strolling down here afterwards to walk off the three courses and 5 euro pitchet of rosé - sounds mighty fine to me. Look at that sky - no photoshopping here - it really was that incredible midnight blue.



  1. OH wow, indulge, we get the pretty images & you can walk off those calories, love Posie

  2. You are SO livin' the dream. Tres bon. Joyeux. Merci and ooh, la, la. xx

  3. Oh my....just beautiful

  4. Sorry that comment was from GTV Diaries....somehow my google account name changed?? Very weird

  5. L'isle sur la Sorgue is one of my favorite towns in Provence. And they have the most wonderful antique fair, one's coming up on the 15th of August. Maybe you'll still be around the area? Its really great!

  6. OMG that chocolate dessert looked amazing! I love your France posts. My fiance and I are gearing up for our honeymoon to Europe and I just can't wait to see and taste all of this!!


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