Friday, July 29, 2011

it's the little things

We visited the hilltop town of Menerbes two days ago. And no, we didn't try to track down Peter Mayle's house {author of A Year In Provence} although I totally understand why he settled there...

We wandered the laneways and came across this gorgeous little place l'atelier.

Oh my.

Inside were all manner of pretty things, two teeny tables and four chairs. And a menu.

We had to.

This is the pretty floral salad that accompanied our plates of meats: home-made duck rillettes, pate en croute, terrine and yummy french air-dried ham.

Was it followed by three scoops of home-made icecream, served in a pretty jar, topped with chantilly cream, flowers and thin slivers of toasted almonds? With raspberries, strawberries and delicate kisses of meringue? Why yes it was. Was it heaven on a spoon? OH YES IT WAS.

We did not walk out empty-handed. We bought gorgeous floral coffee bowls, ceramic spoons to match, a cast-iron trivet in the shape of a heart, a cute lil jug and a jar of homemade confit de rose petales {rose jelly!}. That's what holidays are for. Once in a lifetime experiences that seem made just for you.


  1. You had me at duck rillettes. Mmmmmm duck rillettes.

    That is all so wonderful. xx

  2. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering!

  3. But how can one eat something so pretty? It's practically art!

  4. Oh how lovely! The icecream in a jar looks gorgeous. What a sweet idea!

  5. This brings back so many memories from our trip to France earlier this year. The french do everything so 'tastefully'.If its french its delightful!

  6. Your blog is so cute!!! I love all the lovely pictures! Your house is beautiful!!!!

  7. isn't it amazing that they can have only four chairs and two wee tables - so you were 50% of the lunch crowd - how fab !! I think we need more of this - sweet and tiny and oh so yummy :) best le xox


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