Saturday, July 23, 2011

the last supper

Oh, how I'll miss Tourtour and Villa Fournier. This has been the perfect holiday home. So quiet, so gorgeous, so well-equipped. You know how often in holiday home you'll want for something? Not here. Nope, you need baking paper to whip up a flourless chocolate cake? It's in the cupboard. Scales to measure? In another. A view to die for? Have a look...

These shutters are closed in the morning when we head out, opened to let in the afternoon breezes while we watch the tour and then closed at night to help us sleep. Bliss.

Kids playing badminton on the driveway? Well, when they're not playing ping pong or pentanque - well that's what they do...

A view across the pool of the hills, framed with lavender and olive trees? Oh yes indeed.

What's that? A teeny little neighbour's house? Again framed with lavender.

More lavender, and olive trees, and apple trees, and fig trees - doesn't get tired, let me tell you.

French chicken is divine. Just divine. Look at these gorgeous legs, 6 of them for 5 euros. Marinated and grilled on the bbq, it was unlike any chicken we've ever tasted - divine.

French salad - oh my.

Of course.

Potato salad with a pesto vinaigrette and crispy, smokey bacon - I know, shut UP! Provence is now my new favourite place. We were so lucky to have found the perfect house, and the perfect friends to share it with. Enduring memories have been made {and many, many photographs taken...}


  1. I'm so glad you found it too - it's been the perfect summer escape for me! Can't wait to see where we're going to next. I mean you guys, YOU, not me. Whatevs.

  2. glad for you and quite envious....great pics ..sorry am typing one handed or would comment more fully,,,,just jeep enjoying your lovely dream.

  3. of course meant KEEP enjoying : )

  4. So thoroughly enjoyed your trip, Tourtour is on my bucket are fantastic! Thank you.

  5. Planning our French holiday in April is being made all the more easy reading your fabulous blog. Keep all the details coming! It is all divine.
    And Cadel won!!!

  6. i can almost tast it all :) safe travels dear one le xox


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