Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lavender in provence

After our trip to Verdon Gorge {see previous post} we went to check out the lavender fields. We were a bit worried that we'd be a bit late, as a lot of the lavender is harvested early to mid-july. Luckily we saw quite a few gorgeous sites. Love this doorway with a lavender posy.

Every poster is an item of beauty. Look at this one covering an old mural on the wall. Fabulous isn't it?

Every town seems to have a central fountain - and loads of flowers. Isn't it a lovely idea?

The deep purple fields of lavender against the deep blue mountains and the milky blue provencal skies.

The lines of lavender are so precise, and the mounds so perfect. It's just picture perfect. And oh, the scent! There were also lots of bee hives by the lavender fields, just to help create the delicious lavender honey {I had some on toast this morning, along with the butter with salt crystals...}

Provencal perfection.


  1. It's so perfect it CAN'T be real. But it is! What did it smell like?! Amazing...again...sorry I am SUCH a stalker!

  2. I can barely breathe from the beauty your pictures depict. I want all the details so I can check it all out next April. Provence, here we come!

  3. Love love love these pics. Am loving your whole journey...thanks for sharing!


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