Thursday, July 21, 2011

le tour: up close and personal

Yesterday we hopped in the 7-seater with our friends and their two boys and drove to Serres to watch a spot of the Tour. What an experience. Although it was raining on the way, and drizzling during the stage, it was just perfect. We had a perfectly french lunch of steak and frites before staking a claim by the road. The atmosphere was so unique and typically french. Have a look at the faces on the kids - very happy indeed!

Even le French chien appreciate a baguette for lunch!

At either end of the town of Serres bikes were strung up - just in case we'd forgotten why we were there. It was just lovely how the people of the town seemed to be so into the tour.

Whoo hooo! I can't tell you how exciting it was to see the riders whoosh down the hill - after a massive build up.

Look at this friendly gendarme - honestly, why can't our policeforce wear cool hats like these?

The day started off with loads of sponsors vans driving the route with music, dancing - and people throwing freebies into the crowd. We had a "madeleine cannon" shoot packets of madelienes at us, caught a packet of 'saucisson' {like salami - not lollies as I first thought...} and loads of lollies, caps, and the great big green hands the boys are holding in the first shot.

My fave vehicle with the great big rider. Fabulous isn't he? Really got the crowd in the mood. Then we had helicopters circling overhead, loads of sponsored cars {the gorgeous Skoda} and then gendarmes a-plenty. About an hour after all the festivities the pelotons and riders sped through. 

Wow. Just wow.

My husband and two of his school friends headed off at 6am to go to the Alpes today where they're watching two days of the tour, and then the time trials before we head off to our next holiday house in Provence - I may not return I love it so much.

My crazy husband rode the Aple D'Huez today - in an hour and 28 minutes bless his frosty socks. What an experience.


  1. We have been watching it on SBS when we can, but to see it IRL - amazing. Lucky, lucky you. xxx

  2. I'm soooo jealous, you are having an amazing time....good for you!

  3. We are so into the Tour this year. How exciting to be actually there.
    Go Cadel!!


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