Friday, July 08, 2011

lots of flowers for friday

We went to the Hampton Court Palace Flower show and positively swooned at the blooms on display. Would you look at these giant alliums in the bottom shot! I must have some of those in my garden - love their big, fat, fluffy heads.

Must dash - off to Cornwall for the weekend. Seaside delights await. Then off to Paris on Monday where the French part of our journey awaits. Parfait!


  1. You are living my dreams, PPMJ! Just gorgeous!

    Do giant alliums have that onion stink? I have shied away from them as I worry... x

  2. How lovely! We went to Hampton Court last week and saw them setting up for this flower show. It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip over here and are seeing such lovely places. Shame about the awful weather eh! Enjoy Cornwall and Paris. I shall look forward to seeing these photos.

  3. Loving all your recent posts, as always!

    I have to settle with watching the Tour on the tv!

    Look fwd to your next posts! Xx


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