Monday, July 18, 2011

paris: the finalé

Paris turned on its full charm offensive for our final day. We walked around and spied sights like this. Breathtaking isn't it?

Sigh. The apartments. The flowers, the colours, the balconies. Honestly, it's just ridiculous.

Look at this pretty stack of coffee cups and saucers in a café in the Marais. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

 My new favourite shop: Le Nom de la Rose. All it sold were roses: real ones, perfume, syrups, lollypops, lollies. So divine. After a full day of shopping: three pairs of shoes for me and one frock and one cardigan. One pair of shoes for my gal, we then headed to Gare de Lyon to catch the TGV to Lyon.


Oh my.

Next post, then Provence...


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