Wednesday, July 06, 2011

petersham nurseries part one

We had lunch and a wander around Petersham Nursery today. Oh my! Would you believe it was even more gorgeous than I'd hoped. More shots to come - they're on my phone - we both went a bit snap-happy. Who could blame us?


  1. There was a story in the SMH yesterday about Petersham Nurseries and Skye Gyngell and I thought what a lovely place to go. It seems to be true! xx

  2. enjoying your updates Linda! Keep them coming so I can live vicariously, particularly when you get to France. I feel sure, deep down in my heart, that I am from France and that I was whisked to the Antipodes accidently or at the very least, against my will ...

  3. That looks so divine!!! I want to be transported there right now. Beautiful photo's too, you captured it perfectly:)

  4. What a beautiful space to have tea and browse. Shame it would be too hard to bring some of the lovelies home.


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