Thursday, July 14, 2011

shopping in paris

These posts are a tad on the picture heavy side non? But sorry, I can't help it - I'm utterly besotted with Paris and can't help sharing. So here's a little bit about our shopping. Remember that bag I told you I bought in Ille St Louis? Here it is:

Cuteness! Here's my little lovely resting on the chair of our "local" cafe this morning.

Then we went here, Galeries Lafeyette - the MOST beautiful department store in the world.

Oh, is that me and my gal at the Tom Ford counter? What could we be buying?

THIS!!!!!!!!! I daren't use it and sully those special initials.

Ridiculously beautiful this place. What else did I buy?

My new perfume. I tried Balenciaga Paris, but it just wasn't me. But this? YSL Parisienne Extreme - oh, it was me - and I think I suit the extreme tag too...

Hubby and my gal making their own Havainas at the custom bar.

And finally, a close-up detail of my new bag. It just sums up how I feel about Paris - it's a gift.


  1. Parfait! When we were there at Christmas that amazing store had a Christmas tree right there in the centre reaching up to that dome. SO pretty.

    What fabulous purchases - well done!

  2. Am so glad you are having such a wonderful time! Soak it in lovely lady! xx

  3. I'm adoring and swooning vicariously through you. I love all the posts about your trip!!!

  4. Looks like you are having a ball,

    Luv the new bag!

  5. c'est tres jolie sac! I'm loving living vicariously ... keep up the lovely blogs and photos sil vous plais! au revoir maintenat


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