Friday, July 22, 2011

to market, to market

While the husbands are off in the RV we're trying to have a relaxing holiday, but still sightsee. So what we've been doing is planning our day around a nearby town's market and then just exploring the town afterwards. This morning we went to the nearby Villacrose - the town with that gorgeous café and cake.
Check out these tomatoes - and yes, they're as tasty as they look.

See these melons in the foreground? They look just like rockmelon {cantalope} but oh, they taste ever-so-much sweeter.

I am OBSESSED with these metal signs - could anything be more adorable than this sign outside the butchers? With that building in the background? I know - I can't stop snapping pics.

And look at this gorgeousness framed by a metal gate. My friend C pointed it out to me on the way into town, and I had to stop on the way back to the car to take the shot - took me forever to frame it within the metal...


  1. Gorgeous pics!!
    Living vicariously through you by the way x

  2. It looks lovely Linda (sorry for alliteration). SO jealous you have caught a glimpse or two of the Tour too x

  3. don't stop snapping pics...great to see them


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