Wednesday, July 13, 2011

un parfait jour

Yesterday we had the most perfect day in Paris. First, we took the Batobus on the Seine - a water taxi where you can get off and on at various stops along the river. It was perfect. We went to the Eiffel Tower where I'm about to share Paris's best kept secret. 

Have you ever been to the Eiffel Tower? Remember the lines to ascend? They wrap around for what seems like kilometres. An hour wait is considered quick. But you know what we did yesterday? We had lunch on the Eiffel Tower. We walked to the 58 Tour Eiffel booth, waited behind two other families, and bought our tickets before being ushered like VIP's to the lifts. In five minutes we were on the first floor.

How's the food? Can I say divine?

My duck terrine was too good to take a photo of before I gobbled it up. Duck layered with foie gras served with a fig paste. Yum. Then we had this incredible roast chicken with the most divine vegetables ever - served in a tasty jus. The vegetables! See that funny little snowman-like critter in the top left? It's a baby turnip - oh MY!

This chocolate mousse cake with praline and cream tasted like it had fallen from heaven. Hubby and my gal had this, I had red berries with white cheese which was about 1000 times more tasty than it sounds. Sweet, soft cheese whipped like cream and topped with rasberries and strawberries. The price? 23 euros for three courses. Ridiculously cheap and damned yummy. And we didn't have to line up for hours!

Gotta love the view atop the Tour Eiffel.

Next, we hopped back on the Batobus and went to Ille St Louis - quite possibly my favourite place in Paris. I went into the little store where last trip I fell in love with a handbag - and once again, fell in love with a handbag. Red leather with a bow! So cute.

Bertillion ice cream while watching a red Citroen 2CV cruise by - with two french poodles on the backseat. This was also our first spotting of a French Bulldog {love those little cuties}.

Buxus shaped like a Perrier bottle. Only in Paris.

A gorgeous chanteuse singing Piaf on a pont.

And finally, a walk through Notrre Dame before hopping on the bus for our last stop at the Louvre before heading back to our apartment and getting ready for the ballet at the Opera Garnier {my next blog post - oh my - it's a beauty. You know that phrase "Now I could die happy"? Yep, that applies}


  1. so envious - but in a good way - safe travels dear one le xox

  2. Sigh.... that sounds wonderful.

  3. Mais oui!

    I am loving the French posts and getting more and more excited about my own Parisian adventure.

    I am thinking of having birthday dinner at Le Jules Verne, but after your post the 58 looks amazing too.


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