Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Excuse me, but how divine is this? There's a spot on my veranda that's just crying out for one of these babies {and the charcoal boards too - divine!}


  1. Twenty years ago I had a neighbour with one of these swing seats, I've wished for one ever since. Divine!

  2. I am having a huge crises of design atm. I want everything I see and constantly change my desires. Fickle is me in my grief.

    I love the chair, and have a swing chair but it is a hardwood one with a pivot base, not hung from the roof.

    I think I need to start posting photos and begging for help.

    I think I need to stop avoiding my emotions as well.

    I think I should shut up now.

  3. YES! Love this! Pinning it to my 'home' folder now. :) I could imagine warm nights with my hubby........ sigh: ...........romantic.

  4. mmm...bliss, cup of tea at hand, magazine in the other, birds chirping, sun shining...yes please!


  5. It looks so cozy!


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