Saturday, August 20, 2011

sweet saturday

Oh my it's a glorious day in sunny Newcastle today. We had our netball semi final against the top team, we lost, but boy, did we play well. That means that next week we'll play against the winner of the other semi-final and then, hopefully, onto the Grand Final. Woo hoooo!

And tonight I'm off to a Year 6 mums' night out. Yes, Year 6. Goodness. It does mean that I'm missing a fabulous blogger's bash in Sydney tonight to welcome back the BlogHer goddesses Mrs Woog and Eden - but I'm sure they'll have a fabbo time and I can live vicariously through blog posts and twitter feeds.

Now, I'm off to paint my nails - what goes with tapas? I'm thinking grey as I'm wearing a black vintage frock with white piping, red shoes, red lips and probably red bag. Too much red? Sorry, that's just not possible.



  1. Too much red is never possible! Sorry I'll miss you tonight.

  2. Thanks gorgeous, straight back at you. And yay, now I have it on perfectly authority about my red theory! x

  3. Have a great time tonight, I can just see you all dolled up and looking fab!!

    Good luck next week for the netball, this week's loss will make the girls all the more determined.

  4. Thanks Kakka, hope your mum's recovering nicely x

  5. Well done on the netballing, good luck next match.
    There can never be too much red when it comes to accessories!!
    Yay for evenings out with school mums, enjoy year 6, as high school, it's just different, you don't really do as much as 'mums', i'm clutching onto primary for as long as i can. This Wednesday it's movies with the year 4 mums!! We go for mindless, i love it. Actually the one mum who always pushed for art house & independent movies kind of left as we would prefer giggles, like Bridesmaids, that was great. Love Posie


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