Wednesday, September 28, 2011

taking away the grey

Oh it's grey and dark here today. Not exactly the sunny school holidays filled with swimming that I'd imagined. Oh well. Luckily my gal had Monday and Tuesday with a friend, and is off to a dance camp tomorrow. Friday she has a friend over, so hopefully the weather will clear up. If not we've stocked up on flour, sugar, butter and eggs - so the KitchenAid will get a workout.

In the meantime I'm going to this place above in my head. Have you ever seen anything more divine?


  1. What a gorgeous picture. The September/October hols are usually sunny and warm. I've been freezing the past couple of days.

    Hope the the rest of your week goes well. Oh and you can send any of those baked goodies my way if the rain doesn't ease ;)

  2. totally yum :) grey and horrid here too - blah ! le xox

  3. Oh what a sweet place to curl up with a cup of earl grey and a good magazine! We have had shocking weather in sw wa this's winter had reared its ugly head again!
    Bring on the spring sunshine for next week, the first week of our school holidays!

  4. There is no thought I couldn't think there better than anywhere else. x


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