Friday, October 14, 2011

blossoms for friday

Sorry I'm late with my post, I drove down to Sydney at 6am for a meeting, and got home around 6pm... Tired. So here's a shot through my blossom tree, with the dovecote in the background. Pretty isn't it?

Hope you have a lovely weekend x


  1. I so love a newly blossoming tree in Spring! My favourites sre the japanese maple and flowering plum trees, so, so pretty and somewhat magical.

    Great photo!

    Have a fab weekend!


  2. We would have excused you, but thankyou what a lovely view! Have a great weekend. x

  3. Oh that is absolutely stunning. I am captivated by blossom trees. My parents have a couple in their yard and it transports me back to childhood whenever I see them. Magical blooms they are. Happy Weekend to you :o) xo

  4. How pretty. What kind of tree is it? It's really neat to see the way the seasons are different there.


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