Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

So, I'm alllllll ready for the Halloween party tonight. My hair's a rich shade of black {I heart hairdye}, my curls managed to form a Bellatrix-esqe form {just like in my profile pic - spooky huh!} and we have eyeball cupcakes and a graveyard cake ready to go. I've also got the ribs marinating in the fridge, and will thrown them in the oven at 2pm to slowly roast in time for the party tonight.

Can't wait to see how our friends' neighourhood has frocked up for the big day. Last year there were 20 or more houses brightly decorated and ready for Halloween. The kids only knock on the doors with decorations, so they know they'll be well-received. I've also got some halloween tattoos and brain popping candy to add to the supplies the trick or treaters will receive at our friends house. And thankfully it's cooler than last year - nothing like schlepping from house-to-house in full costume when it's 30 degrees.


  1. You're really just a big kid!! Enjoy yourself x

  2. Um, yes. I'd never dare tell my daughter to "grow up" considering I've given it a miss.

  3. Oh, have lots of fun. Photos, pretty please?

  4. WOW! You've gone all out, good on you! Hope to see a few snap shots of your night :o) xo

  5. Happy Halloween!


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