Wednesday, October 05, 2011

how does your garden grow?

What's not to love about a spring garden? At the moment, you walk past our white picket fence to be greeted by alternate red and pink roses. The scent? Heady. The pink Duchess de Brabant has the most incredible musk-lolly rose fragrance, with these gorgeous nodding blooms.

And, oh my, is there anything more magnificent than a red rose in full bloom?

Up the side we've got purple sage under the dovecote, along with a few wee foxgloves peeping over, and some scabiosa and iris. It's a purple rein.

Continue walking up the side where you'll see my squee-inducing vegie garden. Look at those lettuce! In just a few weeks they're all grown up. And see that self-sown tomato behind? It has wee roma tomatoes growing on it. Woo hoo!

Carrot and beetroot anyone? I have no idea of knowing when these little critters are ready for harvest, but for the time being their foliage is making me happy.


  1. You definitely have a green thumb! Lovely to see so many gorgeous specimens...I pruned the life out of our dwarf coastal rosemary is all the weeds that were almost dwarfing the dwarfs!!!

  2. Thanks Lib, I must say, I took the photos after spending ages yesterday weeding out teeny, tiny little weeds {and I can still see some of the buggers in the photo - need mulch!}

    Thanks for your comment and stopping by x

  3. These all look so nice and fresh compared to my autumn garden that's going on right now. Everything is dying and looking brown. boo-hoo.

  4. oooh, loving a peek at your gorgeous happy home. All that green, and look at those foxgloves. xoxox

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