Thursday, October 06, 2011

in memorium

I was hit hard by the news on twitter of Steve Jobs' passing.

I've been a Mac fan since the days of these little beauties above, and I've never wavered in my devotion. iPhone, iMac, MacBookAir, iPod, iPad, iPod Touch - all of these share our house. And then, if the creativity behind Apple weren't enough, Steve Jobs shared his genius with Pixar.

Innovative, excellent and a true genius. Steve Jobs you are missed and I'm shedding many tears in your memory. I may not have known you, but damn, do I admire you. Rest in peace.

ps: I saw a nice idea on Twitter: donate to research for pancreatic cancer in Steve Jobs' memory.


  1. The good ones always die young. A lovely tribute to a complete dude x

  2. Lovely post. Rest in peace.
    alison x

  3. A sad day, PPMJ. Taken all too soon. What an amazing legacy he has left us. J x

  4. I'm writing my comment on my iPad. Lovely tribute. RIP

  5. He contributed so much more than products. He contributed inspuration.


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