Monday, October 17, 2011

macramé anyone?

As a child of the 70s I have very strong visions of the fashions of the time. From the olive green and burnt orange kitchens {ours was a rather fabbo red and white} to the flares, mateus rosé bottles with candles inserted for the romantic ambience to macramé hanging pot holders.

So these gave me quite the giggle. However, will I be shelling out one thousand, four hundred and thirty pounds {and fifty five pence} for these Proenza Shouler numbers?

Um, think not.

{Also, do you think that funny brush thingy at the back would tickle your calves while you walk?}


  1. What's really worrying me is that I don't hate them. I feel like I should. But the has magical powers over me.

    I hadn't even noticed the brushy thingy...maybe it's to tell you when it's all gone a bit far and it's time to shave your legs????

  2. Ooh I love macrame! I have got three really cute macrame books circa 1970's given to me by my grandma. There is a really daggy two tone brown vest on a man with a moustache and leather pants, of course he is exposing his manly chest too.
    Haven't made anything from the book though, it's just nice to look at.
    Love the shoes, nice for a spring girls night out.
    Nic x

  3. Too funny. I found a macrame pot holder at mum and dad's last week. And hung it on the porch!!

  4. Hilarious! I have vivid memories sitting in class (in silence) with old nuns being made to make macrame potholders with beading which we thought were pretty groovy!

  5. sweet jeezus- how could u walk in those?
    apart from the arch-breaking height, someone replaced the heel with the crochet hook they used to make the top!
    someone pass me my clogs!


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