Wednesday, October 05, 2011

midnight in paris je t'aime

Not only did our travel agent get us a great price on our tickets OS {and that much-needed 32 kilo luggage allowance!} he also gave us a double pass to see Midnight In Paris. This new Woody Allen film is a love letter to my favourite city. The opening montage subtly caresses every beautiful centimetre of the city - and each shot is an homage to the city of lights.

I knew I'd walk out of it wanting to visit again, but watching it on the big screen had me aching to spend some more time there.

Great film, with the most exquisite cinematography I've seen in a while.

Besotted? Moi? Mais oui, oui, OUI.


  1. Oh I so want to see this! I share your love of Paris, and thought my trip for my 30th was going to be a Eurostar ticket to Gare de Nord...
    This film was on the plane on the weekend but with an 18 month old I can confess I didn't manage to watch anything... drats!

  2. Don't worry - it's MUCH better on the big screen. Make a date to go see it. How was your birthday trip?


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