Thursday, October 13, 2011

nailed it

My hot-coral nails from Saturday night are looking a little worse for wear, so I'll need to update them. If only I had this gorgeous pearly white nail as seen at Chanel - touted to be next season's hot colour. {Oh, and the bag would just highlight it nicely wouldn't it?}

Love it when my email pings me with a message from Chanel - a bit of beauty always makes a day seem brighter don't you think?

Are you a toe or finger painter? My toes never, ever, EVER go naked, but my constant typing - and handwashing of vintage kitchen items {seriously, my 50s egg lift can't go in the dishwasher...} plays havoc with fingertips.


  1. I don't paint my nails at all, except maybe for a special occassion. And then it's usually just my toe nails. I am a bit of a nail biter, and I need to keep my nails short for my work, hence the self trimming!
    I do like the colour blocking at the moment. I'd love to do my toes a turquoise or mandarin colour for summer....must book myself in for a pedicure!
    Nic x

  2. My 'natural' toe nails haven't seen the light of day in, oh I don't know, 10 years!!! I think I've hit the point of no return now.... The old fingernails are too high maintenance for me although I love having them done ! ;)

  3. Hot coral is ace. I have lipstick that is really named Hot Coral.

    I paint both, but I paint my toes and it stays there until it grows out. That is pretty bad, hey?

    My other-half is my dishwasher - whoo! I do not do a single dish. Happy.

    I am thinking of trying the shellac. Feedback on that, anyone?

  4. I'm loving having my nails done at the moment, so many lovely colours around. My problem is I find it hard to get that perfect know the one that looks good with everything?

  5. I hardly ever paint my fingernails because I chip them straight away! Lovely blog, that is one fantastic Chanel bag :)

    Abbey x

  6. I've always loved nail polish and ever since I fell pregnant my nails have been better than they ever have in my life, so I must admit I have been making the most of it and giving myself a manicure every week. I'll admit I've actually become a little obsessed with nail polish and have amassed a rather large collection now!

    Fingers crossed my nails stay relatively good after I've had the baby so I can continue to indulge my love of nail polish! This post really makes me want to run out and find some pearly white now!


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