Thursday, October 20, 2011

love this


  1. Um, anyone woman he dates would be annoying to anyone who adores Ryan Gosling!! A bit like the string of George Clooney's girlfriends, they must feel like the most disliked woman in the room. Love Posie

  2. Hilarious!!

    ♥ Shia

  3. So funny and so well done! Clever Erin and Justin.

    Man, I love that Gosling. I'm glad he's getting more well known because he's been on my list for years and I don't have to explain why so much any more. It's just awful when you've got someone on your list and no one even knows who they are... x

  4. Posie, yep, I imagine so. Although I'm never quite feeling George's girlfriends - they always seem like a parade of cardboard cutouts. But Ryan's? Oh yeah, I can feel them...

    Shia - I know, I just loved it. Very well put together.

    Maxabella, I KNOW! I've been a Ryan fan from way back too {not quite the mouseketeer years, but nearly} and so many don't get it. NOBODY could have pulled off Lars and the Real Girl like him. And of course, there's the Notebook, and now, my new fave Crazy, Stupid, Love. Oh my!


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