Sunday, October 23, 2011

shopping serendipity

A few weeks ago I went to a work conference. It was actually really, really interesting {not something I can normally say about these things}. Anyway, one of the speakers was discussing social media and winning an audience and said that on-line social media is no different to real-life social situations: the same things still apply.

And then he recommended a book, written in the 1930s, Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends And Influence People. Now, this has always been on my read-one-day lists, so I thought it'd be good if I tracked down a copy...

Anyway, so I'm driving home to Newcastle, and spied an op-shop I've been dying to check out. With a park right out the front. I know! So I called in, and there, on the bookshelf was the book! Pristine - with a fabulous vintage hard cover. How's that for serendipity?

I grabbed a few more books, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Nick Hornby's How To Be Good and a fabulous shirt for my hubby. Then, as I'm waiting to pay I spy pure gold on the shelf behind the cashier...

A perfect set of hallway skittles.

Now we have a hallway that's just designed for hallway skittles, but I've never seen such a set. These balls are some kind of amazing weighted foam - so are the skittles, not those crappy plastic ones.

And the price?


I know, obscene. I nearly paid $70 for a crappy plastic set that were ON-SALE!

See here? There'll be some bowling tournaments taking place here...

Now, to find the perfect bowling outfit {I'm thinking poodle skirt non?}


  1. Isn't funny how the cosmos works?! That bowling set looks like fun, and I think you are completely right about the poodle skirt!

  2. Lol re to-read-one-day. I honestly own, I dunno, maybe 50 books that belong in this category. Ugh!

    Hallway bowling sounds like ridiculous fun!

  3. Oh how cool! Those are some funky looking skittles. And what a beautiful, brilliant hallway. Gotta love thrifty finds like that :o) xo

  4. Love thrifty finds..and yes that book has always been on my "to read list" also.
    Oh, and please tell me you have slid through that hallway with nothing but socks on. It just beckons for that sort of behaviour x


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